Anna Anderson


‘Is there anyone out there who looks like me, talks like me and thinks like me?’

Image of Survival Without Roots Book One Memoir trilogy Anna Anderson

Signed copy 'French

flap' edition and ebook


Signed copy 'French flap'

edition and ebook available

Order now for your limited edition signed copy. More elegant and robust than a paperback, less expensive than a hardback, my ‘French flap’ edition of Survival Without Roots is a mixture of both.

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Before you settle down to read my first book in the Survival Without Roots trilogy, please visit the About Anna page where I clear up the confusion between Anne versus Anna. It’s a story in itself!

Did my AUDIO CLIP hook readers?

‘I’ve listened to the audio intro and you have me hooked.’ — (Helen J)

‘I think you have a very sweet voice and I love your accent. It was very ‘listenable’ if that’s a word, and I enjoyed it very much.’ — (Liz H)

Another review of my audio clip from Alexis in Canada. Listen to the clip in her own words. — (Alexis S.)